Contours of life

Whether its an outline representing the shape and form of something existing or the mold of a specific shape that one has designed to fit into current life, contours can be found all around us. If you picture contours as being paths, there are two paths you can choose; one you follow and one you create yourself.

Soulscape works as a creative, we design and build amazing landscapes like no other, we design from our soul and choose to explore our ideas through concepts.

Hindrance of being able to design beyond the lines can be found right beneath the surface, to create your own path through designing you will need to consider some existing components that you will encounter throughout your designing process.  Being forced to work within our limitations we can still create something amazing yet stay between the lines.

Landscape Design Limitations

  • Underground Services: water pipes, electrical wiring etc.
  • Contour: Levels of the existing ground
  • Soil Structure: Planting suitability
  • Council Restrictions




Many large landscapes around the world are being designed to manipulate the land form yet use the structure of the contours to create something spectacular.

A great example of this that has been around for thousands of years would be the rice fields found in South East Asia, they terrace the landform to produce their precious grains.These rice fields unfold behind mountains and promise breathtaking landscapes viewed by millions around the world. Where there is a will, there is a way.