Hire Form

    If you intend to hire a trailer and/or equipment from The Landscape Yard you will need to submit the following form:

    You will need to submit a new for for each trailer and/or piece of equipment you intend to hire.





    Mobile Number:

    Email Address:

    Drivers Licence Number:

    Vehicle Registration Number:

    In hiring a trailer, you accept that it is covered by your own insurance alternatively we can cover this for $10. For equipment hire the insurance fee is mandatory and is calculated at 10% of the hire (please note that a standard excess will apply):

    Trailer Insurance $10 FeeEquipment Insurance FeeUse Own Insurance

    Terms and Conditions:

    On taking advantage of the courtesy trailers and/or hire equipment provided by The Landscape Yard, the borrower agrees to the following:
    • Trailer / Equipment Hire is subject to availability.
    • Any damage caused to the trailer/equipment upon leaving ‘site’ (293 West Coast Road, Glen Eden) shall be the responsibility of the borrower.
    • The Landscape Yard shall be notified immediately of any loss or damage to the trailer/equipment.
    • The trailer/equipment shall not be used by anyone other than the signee of this agreement who warrants that they are able to safely use the trailer equipment and they hold appropriate experience, licences, and qualifications.
    • If the trailer/equipment is returned after the hire period, there is a late fee calculated at 50% of the hire fee per hour (this fee is $20 per hour for trailers).
    • The trailer shall not be used for any purpose other than transporting products purchased at The Landscape Yard to destination.
    • The trailer shall be returned to The Landscape Yard upon completion of transportation.
    • The trailer/equipment shall not be used in a manner likely to cause damage to the trailer/equipment.
    • The trailer/equipment shall not be used or operated to commit a violation of law.
    • The trailer/equipment shall only be used in a careful and proper manner.
    • The borrow shall exclude owner from any responsibility for any claim, demand, cause of action, loss or liability (including attorney’s fees and expenses of litigation) for any property damage or personal injury arising from signee’s use of trailer/equipment by any cause, except to the extent caused by owner’s gross negligence or wilful misconduct. In no event shall the owner be liable for any indirect, special or consequential loss or damages arising from signee’s use of trailer, including but not limited to loss profits, loss revenue even if informed of such damages.