Hanging out with Plants

Hanging out with plants will take you on an eclectic journey through roads forgotten and paths less travelled as we explore the holistic relationship that plants have with us. From breath taking gardens to the ever crisp cos lettuce in your Caesar Salad

We will visit the amazing Fiordlands National Park of New Zealand where time itself has decided to stay still, an enchanting corner of the world where stunning alpine ranges crash hundreds of meters into waters below hiding secrets of the deep, where scale is almost beyond comprehension, rainfall is measured in meters and scenery encompasses the broadest width of emotions. To the hipster café down the road from our office where the musty smell of old books mixed with organic fair trade coffee and hot cinnamon brioche drifts from the kitchen to you before you even enter the door. Every step of the way we will meet amazing people and explore a diverse range plants and the symbiotic relationship that takes place daily between us. I will share with you all the tips & tricks and secrets on how to get the very best out of your plants and the amazing beautiful world around us.

Plant of the Week

Today’s house plants are once again experiencing a revival as we come to realise the value of bringing potted plants into our living space. Interior designers have known for years the subtle art of adding green space to bring life to a room. From the ever famous peace Lilly a.k.a. Spathiphyllum to the truly remarkable and striking snake plant with its dramatic, sword-shaped leaves. The winter chills and August rains can take their toll on the house plants as they suffer at the hands of their human keepers pushing the temps up to just keep themselves warm. Yet when it comes to the peace lily often known only by its common name of peace Lilly these conditions can work in their favor a native of South America and the Indo-Malaysian archipelago, being drenched in winter rain is a long awaited chemical free shower just remember to let it dry out before you do this again and don’t leave it outside in the cold over night it won’t be to pleased with you if you do.

Spathiphyllum is ideal for the darker spots in the house, as its light requirements are quite low. In fact, do not put this in full sun or that will be the last time you see your green friend.

The peace Lilly is a bit like my mother in law just a little temperamental I must admit I’ve killed a few of these over the years the Lilly that is. As I have placed them in the office and then taken off on a project totally forgotten them and came back to an offering to the great green grave yard. So off to the local it is for a quick and not to painful wallet extraction.