Slice of life

Hangout with plants today will take you through a sensational slice of colour, a slice within cooking, interiors and exteriors.

Live plants will always boost up any space you choose to put it in, from the corner of a lonely dark room to the garnish of a bowl of soup placed in the middle of the table. Plants come in many different shapes, sizes and colour. We under estimate the power of plants and what they can bring to the table. A plain coloured room will put you to sleep so why not put a ‘bird of paradise’ in there, their large green leaves and vibrant orange flowers will bring refresh the room instantly. A bowl salad will be nothing without its colour, the more colour we see in a salad the more refreshing the salad will be let alone the taste you will get from different ingredients that are tossed.

Plant of the week

Today’s house plant is grown for their wonderful foliage, the Acalypha reptans “summer love”.
Summer love have unusual red fuzzy flowers that looks like a cats tail and lively green leaves that contrast beautifully, these plants are mainly grown as a dense weed ground cover or hanging basket specimen. If kept in a basket in a cold climate it could be brought indoors over winter. This plant really is at home in a warm humid climate so they do best in late summer especially after rain.

Most plants when neglected will slowly die away from us during the dry spells, however this summer love will become semi dormant but is difficult to kill through negligence.