Sticks and Stones

When it comes to the blood sweat and tears of landscaping, its the hardscaping or as we like to call it the “sticks and stones” even though most of the time it’s boulders and timber beams. Be it the ever humble fence that defines the boundaries or the impressive decks that transform barren wasteland into an alfresco dining area. It’s always starts with breaking ground and revealing what secrets lay bellow.

Over the last 2 decades there’s not a lot we haven’t found from rocks bigger than the house we are working on, to forgotten pets wrapped in a baby blanket “that ended up stopping the job” old cars and even once a Pool that the new owners never knew was there. Each new challenge an opportunity to learn a trick or two and bring out the famous Soulscape can do attitude. Here at sticks and stones is where we will be sharing the very best Tips & Tricks from our amazing construction crew. In the real estate world love at first sight starts with landscaping and it’s often seen as the greatest way to add value to your home with the least financial output.

It’s also less risky than renovation to the house itself, doesn’t require any compliance and presents the whole property as opposed to just the house. With the ability to easily adapt, which is a major benefit for potential buyers. Fencing or gates can be a relatively low-cost way to instantly add a sense of structure to an outdoor area.

Putting in a simple timber paling fence and carefully selected planting around it is a simple and effective way to instantaneously make a properties appearance tidy and well kept. This will often appeal to those with children or pets too who need a fully fenced area, and can also be a way to gain more privacy, security or even create a noise barrier.